As curator Patricia Bentancur finds spaces to Work in between the Creative Intersections in Architecture, Art, theory and Design. In 1996, she found a beautiful industrial space in the center of the Montevideo Old City with the idea of placing a cultural laboratory space. At that time she was working for the Spanish cooperation, and that was how the sinergias goes to make real that complex project. The CCE is the Spanish cultural center, with exhibition spaces, research and experimenting areas, educational and new media platforms. She is the director of the visual arts and new media department. As an Independant curator she makes many projects, as the Venice Biennial, (2015, 2009) the first International Montevideo Biennial, (2012) and monographic and group exhibitions on artista and topics of her research interest. Till now she has more than 200 curatorial, designed exhibition projects, variable kind of publications, and tons of reasearching and editing staff.